“Tempo” make Cement Curing tank is made of sturdy construction with Stainless Steel Inner Chamber & Galvanised Iron sheet exterior duly powder coated with epoxy paint. The chamber is suitably insulated. The Sample holder baskets / trays are designed keeping in mind the difculties the user faces with sample handling.

The construction is complete with provision for water inlet & drain valve.

Cement Curing Tank

Technical Specification

Controlling System

Imported microprocessor based auto tune PID controller with CE mark & dual display of set value & process value.


A circulation pump of suitable output is provided in order to maintain uniform temperature throughout the chamber.

Heating System

Best quality Stainless Steel corrosion resistant heaters are used.

Refrigeration System

CFC Free hermetically sealed Emerson Copeland make compressor for better cooling with R134 A (Eco Friendly) refrigerant with time delay to safe guard compressor system.

  • Temperature Range           :       20°C to 35°C
  • Temperature Accuracy      :       ± 1°C
  • Supply                                  :        230V Ac, 50 Hz, Single Phase.

Models & Optional Features


Cat.No. No of Cubes Inner Dimension
(L x W x H cms)
No of Basket
TI-651 108 105 x 50 x 55  6
TI-652 162 105 x 75 x 55  9
TI-653 216 140 x 75 x 55 12
TI-654 270 170 x 75 x 55 15
TI-655 360 170 x 100 x 55 20