TEMPO Laboratory Ovens are offered in three different Models. Forced Air Circulation Lab Ovens (Lab Precision Oven) are provided with Motor fitted on the oven. These Laboratory Ovens are ideal where precise / uniform temperature is required. Forced Air Draft Models are Laboratory Ovens with motor fitted at the bottom of the oven. The air is passed from Heaters Placed at the bottom. Ideal for application which require fast drying. Tempo Natural Convection Laboratory Oven are ovens in which the Heater are placed at the bottom of the Lab Oven, Hot air flows due to Natural convection (No Motor is provided). These Laboratory Oven are suitable for application which require Gentle Air flow.

Lab Precision Oven
(Forced Air Circulation)

“Tempo” make Lab Precision Oven are with forced air circulation provided by means of motorized blower fitted on the oven for re-circulation of air ensures a homogeneous hot air mixture and an exact temperature profile. Max Temperature 250 Deg.C.

(Forced Air Draft)

“Tempo”  Lab Drying ovens are suitable for drying a range of items such as glassware and components and any general purpose warming applications. Forced Air Draft is provided by means of motor fitted at bottom of the Oven. Max Temperature 250 Deg.C.

Natural 'convection Oven
(Natural Convection)

“Tempo” Natural Convection ovens are ideal for sterilization, drying, and thermal storage tasks which do not require high drying rates or special time parameters. Max Temperature 250 Deg.C.