Micro Capillary


Glass Micro Capillary Pipettes – TLC Application

Our TLC Micro capillary Tubes are a fast, safe, clean, and accurate way to transfer liquids in micro quantities. They are precision-bore glass capillary tubes cut to predetermined lengths so that fill volumes are constant and precise.Capillary tubes are inexpensive and disposable.

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Application : Precision – bore pipettes transfer with ±1% accuracy. Precision – bore capillary tubes are calibrated to contain when from end to end. Insert a tube into the reusable dispensing bulb assembly and capillary action draws fluid up to the full capacity. Simply squeeze the bulb to dispense. Each case contain one bulb and 100 disposable tubes. Mucaps® are high precision capillary pipettes made of borosilicate netural glass with a precision bore, accurately cut and fire polished.

Mucaps® TLC Micro Capillary Pipette : Research Grade
Catalog No. Description Packing
SP-101 A 0.5μl, 32mm long, O.D 0.022″, I.D 0.0056″, Accuracy ±1% 250 Caps
SP-101 B 1.0μl, 32mm long, O.D 0.025″, I.D 0.0078″, Accuracy ±1% 250 Caps
SP-101 C 2.0μl, 32mm long, O.D 0.03″, I.D 0.0111″, Accuracy ±1% 250 Caps
SP-101 G 10.0μl, 41mm long, O.D 0.314″, I.D 0.0219″, Accuracy ±1% 250 Caps
SP-101 I 25.0μl, 65mm long, O.D 0.382″, I.D 0.0275″, Accuracy ±1% 250 Caps
SP-101 J 50.0μl, 100mm long, O.D 0.043″, I.D 0.0314″, Accuracy ±1% 250 Caps
SP-101 K 75.0μl, 101mm long, O.D 0.0514″, I.D 0.0382″, Accuracy ±1% 250 Caps
SP-101 L 100.0μl, 127mm long, O.D 0.0710″, I.D 0.0557″, Accuracy ±1% 250 Caps
Mucaps® TLC Micro Capillary Pipette : Laboratory Grade
Catalog No. Description Packing
SP-201 A 0.5μl, 32mm long 250 Caps
SP-201 B 1.0μl, 32mm long 250 Caps
SP-201 C 2.0μl, 32mm long 250 Caps
SP-201 G 10.0μl, 41mm long 250 Caps
SP-201 I 25.0μl, 65mm long 250 Caps
SP-201 J 50.0μl, 100mm long 250 Caps
SP-201 K 75.0μl, 101mm long 250 Caps
SP-201 L 100.0μl, 127mm long 250 Caps