These Disinfection Cabinet models are designed for Lab, Hospital, commercial as well as suitable for application at other places including household applications. UV Disinfection/sanitizing chamber is a special type of chamber used for the sanitizing/disinfection of material. Decontamination with High Intensity UVC Radiation Bench top decontamination chambers for the safe and controlled removal of bacteria, virus UV lamps are placed in suitable manner to eliminate blind spots and corners and walls are smooth to ensure easy cleaning. Inner made of Stainless Steel (SS304) & Outer GI/MS Powder coated. Stainless steel surfaces naturally reflect UV radiation to ensure contents are fully irradiated from all directions..

Key Features

 Digital Timer with Settable time period.
 Indicator for Completion of Sanitization period.
 Buzzer for Completion of Sanitization period.
 Safety Auto cut off sensor which closes light on
door opening.
 360° UV exposure
 Non corrosive Stainless Steel (SS304 quality)
Inner chamber with mirror finish for better
reflection long lasting.


Effective & Environment friendly disinfection
without the use of hazardous chemicals.
 UVC light Based equipment
 Cost Saving, Time saving.


Household Application

 Disinfection of Groceries
 Vegetables, Fruits etc.
 Surface of other packaged products.
 Clothes, Masks, Mobile Phones
 Bottles, Keys, Toys, Files, Paper etc.
 Courier, Parcels, Stationery etc.
 Jewellery, Watch, Headphone

Medical Application

 Disinfection of Masks, PPE’s
 Goggles, Face Shields
 Medical / Surgical tools.
 Office – Paper, Files, Keys etc

Commercial Application

 Masks, Googles, Face shields
 Office paper, files, pen, books
 Courier, Parcels
 Tools – Plastic / Metal
 Water Bottles etc.

 Inner Chamber Made of Stainless Steel SS304 Quality
 Outer Body made of Mild Steel / GI Sheet duly powder coated.
 Top Lid made of Acrylic / Glass
 Long lasting UV lamps with life of 11000 hours
 UVC Wavelength 254nm
 Supply : 230 V AC