DYNAMIC PASS BOX: – Dynamic Pass Box equipment is made of high grades stainlessSteel 304 with electrically interlocked doors and UV light. This dynamic pass box equipment are equipped with suction filter made of stainless steel with 95% down to 5µ efficiency (EU-5rating) and supply filter made of aluminium with 99.997% down to 0.3 µ (EU-13 Rating.) An interlock guard system controls the inlet and the outlet of Pass Box not be opened at the same time, in order to prevent the cross contamination.


  • Floor and wall mounted design
  • Digital Control Panel with both side Display
  • Blower feature direct driven statically & dynamically
  • LED & UV Light along with hour meter
  • Magnehellic gauge for measuring pressure drops
  • Maximum chemical resistance construction
  • LCD Display Indicating to know the Door  Lock-Unlock
Product Dynamic Pass Through Box
Model DPB_1.5’X1.5’X1.5’,2’X2’X2’,2.5’X2.5’X2.5’,3’X3’X3’&4’X4’X4’
Construction Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / 316L
Door Solid door w/ mechanical or electrical interlocked
Window Toughened
UV Lamp 1 No
HEPA Filter EU-13 (Minipleate Gasket type)
Efficiency 99.97%
Pre filters Fresh , Return
Efficiency 95%
Blower Centrifugal, Backward Curve
Noise <65
Power Supply 220 / 230 Volts x 50Hz
Accessories Hour meter, Magnehelic / Minihelic Pressure Gauge
Electricals Hour Meter, LED light, UV light, Electromagnet for door interlocking, Push Button with Indicator
Cleanliness Class 100