Difference between the Lab Oven and Lab Furnace

differnce between hot air oven and lab furnace

There is often confusion between the hot air oven and the laboratory furnace. As both are used for the heating purpose there is little difference in between the equipment. So read through the end to get a complete understanding between these two.

Some key factors separated the hot air oven and the laboratory furnace.

Temperature range

Temperature range is the main factor that differentiates the hot air oven from the muffle furnace. As the hot air oven can achieve a temperature of 5°C to 450°C, the furnace is used particularly for higher temperature application. Our furnace is designed to provide the operating temperature from 900°C to 1400°C. It is not possible to achieve this higher temperature using the oven because the material will melt.

Heat distribution

In the lab oven, the heating tubes are provided outside of the inner chamber which generates the heat. The fan is placed inside the chamber to circulate the air to ensure the uniform temperature distribution of heat. The amount of recirculated air required is high in the lab oven.

While inside the furnace, heat is directly introduced to the sample and it is dependent upon the heat source of the furnace. The heating source can be placed in various configurations to provide the best uniform heating.


The environment for both the hot air oven and the furnace is quite similar. The furnace can be operated in a combustible atmosphere of gas.


Both the equipment has their benefits. If your application requires a lower temperature, you can select the hot air oven which is less in price. But, if you have a higher temperature requirement then you must choose the furnace which will cost you more. You can check the available sizes of hot air oven and muffle furnace over on our website. Feel free to contact us for more details.