Hot Plate

“TEMPO” make hot plates are widely used in various industries such as automobile, chemical, pharmaceuticals and others. Available in various specifications.

  • Max surface temp              –     300°C to 350°C
Hot Plate
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make Hot Plates are constructed with thick gauge mild steel well machined & smooth cast iron top. This cast iron is grooved from bottom to circulate spiral heaters.

Technical Specification

Controlling System

Energy regulator/thermostatic controller.

Heating System

Heating elements are housed into grooves with porcelain beads underneath of the cast iron.


Grooved cast iron top with the best quality for uniform heating.
Suits very high corrosive atmosphere & ensured long-life performance.

Safety Features

Thermostat to cut off supply in case of temperature overshoot.

Models & Optional Features

Rectangular Model

ModelsRating (kW)

Internal Dimensions

W × D (cm)

Max Temp


TI – 70 ER A1.225 × 40300
TI – 70 ER B230× 45300
TI – 70 ER C345 × 60300
TI – 70 ER D1.225 × 40300
TI – 70 ER E230 × 45300
TI – 70 ER F345 × 60300

Models & Optional Features

Circular Model

ModelsRating (kW)

Internal Diameter


Max Temp


TI – 85 ER120.5350
TI – 85 TC120.5300
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