Leak Test Apparatus

This apparatus is an ideal instrument to check the sealing integrity of the blister packs, strip packs, sachet and pouch packs etc. It is also used for checking leaks from capped bottles, induction sealed containers, sealed or crimped containers etc. The leak test apparatus in a stainless steel body with phenomenal compactness. The instrument is equipped with a long-lasting vacuum pump, which gives a higher level of vacuum in the shortest possible time. Die pressed polycarbonate vacuum desiccator sustain vacuum for a long time.

leak test apparatus
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  • The very low noise level
  • Polycarbonate vacuum desiccator sustains vacuum for a long time.
  • Stainless steel 304 construction
  • Built-in vacuum and isolating valve.
  • Stable digital timer for auto stop
  • Vacuum level up to 550 mm of Hg
  • Audio alarm after completion of software.


  • Drugs manufacture (Blisters and small sachets containing tablets)
  • Pain manufacturer
  • Food manufacture (Sugar, spices, granulates)
  • Bislery water bottle manufacturing

Technical Data

Models 140 A

140 B

Desiccator diameter 150 mm 300 mm
Rating 230 V 230 V
Vacuum level 550 mm of Hg 550 mm of Hg
Timer Digital timer Digital timer
Desiccator Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Vacuum Display SS Vacuum Gauge SS Vacuum Gauge
Vacuum Pump Oil-free Diaphragm pump Oil-free Diaphragm pump
Body SS 304 SS 304
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