Laminar Air Flow

“TEMPO” make laminar airflow cabinets are a series of high efficiency clean room workbenches designed to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates.

In a vertical laminar airflow cabinet, filtered air blows on the work zone and leaves through the holes in the base of three sides SS 304 covered sheet. As compared to horizontal type, vertical flow cabinet can provide greater operator protection.

Laminar Air Flow

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  1. HEPA filtration unit provides Class 100 air quality
  2. Optional UV lamp to sterilize work zone
  3. Low noise level
  4. High airflow capacity
  5. Made from branded parts (blower etc.)

Models & Optional Features

Parameter Specification
Name of equipment Laminar airflow
Worktable Stainless Steel (304)
Model VLAF 2’×2’×2′, 3’×2’×2′, 4’×2’×2′, 5’×2’×2′ & 6’×2’×2′
Filter type Hepa filter
Efficiency 99.99%
Particle rentention 0.3 micron
Cleanliness Class 100
Airflow velocity Approx. 90fpm
Illumination of work surface Fluorescent tube light
Blower motor type Forward curve type
 Noise level Less than 65 decibel
Static pressure measurement Magnehelic Gauge
Pre filter Flange type
Grade EU-5
Efficiency 95%
Other Castor wheels, switchboard, levelling leg, gas cock
Certification ISO 9001: 2008 and CE
Documentation TEMPO will provide IQ, OQ, PQ documents with Material Test Certificates and Calibration reports
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