Multicell Aging Oven

“TEMPO” make multicell ageing oven suitable for ageing test of PVC & rubber as per BS 903 part A 19 method A for rubber. BS 6746 (1976) method E for PVC. It confirms to IS 3400 (Part IV) 1978.

  • No of cells                              –     7 cells to 19 cells
  • Wattage                                  –    3kW/6kW
  • Temperature Range             –    5°C above ambient to 150°C
  • Temperature Accuracy        –    ±1°C within the cell
  • Temperature Variation       –     ±1°C cell to cell
  • Cell Dimension                     –     75 mm diameter × 305 mm height
  • Supply                                    –    230V, AC
Multicell Aging Oven
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Solid cast aluminum main body.

Technical Specification

Controlling System

Imported microprocessor based autotuned PID controller with CE mark & dual display of set value & process value for precise control of temperature.

Thyristor Drive

An additional Thyristor Circuit reduces energy consumption with results into decrease in electricity bills.


Safety cum stand by a thermostat to cut off the Heater supply in case of temperature overshoot.

Diaphragm pump at bottom of the chamber develops unique preheated airflow system which ensures maximum uniform temperature condition inside each cell changes per hour through all the cells. Rotameter with needle value to control the rate of flow of air. A small brushless diaphragm pump, no chance of generating ozone. Airflow is regulated through a rotameter of suitable range. The unit is supplied with castor wheels for ease of movement. Supplied complete with a diaphragm pump, rotameter & air filter. Each cell is provided with a double lid.

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