Flexible Insulated Heating Cord

  • Heavy Braided AMOX™ Outer Cover
  • 750F (300C) High Temperature Capability
  • Robust & Flexible Braided Heating Element
  • Designed for use on small tubes, vessels, or any application where space is limited
  • Use flexible heating cords when heating tapes are too bulky or cumbersome.
  • Exceptional flexibility – can be wrapped around objects as small as 0.125 in (3 mm) diameter
  • These 3/16″ diameter cords solve a wide range of limited-space heating applications in the laboratory, production or indoor maintenance.
  • Rapid thermal response
  • Includes high-temperature tie-downs for easy installation
  • Multi-standard resistance wire heating elements provide exceptional flexibility and durability.
  • Fibreglass outer sheath provides electrical insulation for safe use with electrically conductive surfaces
  • Ideal for laboratory, R&D, gas tubing, production, maintenance, temporary hear and more
  • Safe for use in glass and electrically conductive metal surfaces
  • Choice of power leads on the same end or opposite ends to suit electrical needs.
  • A temperature controller is required for the safe operation of this product
  • Built-in split plug design easily connects to your choice of temperature controlling device
flexible insulated heating cord
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Type NoSize (cm)


64 A750125 × 323060
64 B1500250 × 323040
64 C3000500 × 323010
64 D60001000 × 32302.5
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