Silicon Rubber Extruded Tape 200°C (For Continuous Use)

Silicon rubber Extruded heating tape
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  1. Lead Wires on one End (Plug is optional)
  2. Extruded Silicone Rubber Outer Cover
  3. Max operation Temperature 200°C
  4. Continuous operation temperature 180°C
  5. Moisture Resistant Construction.
  6. The Silicone Rubber Extrusion uses a low durometer, high edibility formula, with heat additives to produce the maximum exposure and continuous operating temperature capability, Longer Life, Lower Watt Density
  7. Lower watts per inch of wire enhances longer Life through better distribution of heat.
  8. Ultimate flexibility. 25mm wide tapes may be easily applied to diameters as small as 12mm.
  9. Safe to use on conductive surfaces such as metal tubing.


Type No Size (CM)


68-SI A 200 100 230
68-SI B 400 200 230
68-SI C 800 400 230
68-SI D 1000 800 230
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