CVD Furnace

  • Temperature range              –     1200°C max
  • Supply                                     –    Single phase/three phase
CVD furnace
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  1. Maximum operating temperature range up to 1200°C.
  2. The CVD furnace workstation consists Split Tube/Tube furnace, a precision mass ow gas control station, a high vacuum station, and other assembling parts.
  3. The mass fow gas control station mixes multiple gases together and allows the mixed gas to ow into a fused quartz tube inside
    the furnace.
  4. Processing tube is included Inner diameter of the tube from 40mm to 150mm, with vacuum stainless steel anges, Vacuum compatible sample puller rod, vacuum valves, Viton O-rings, Pirani/Penning gauge and Mechanical pressure gauge.
  5. Heated Length from 100mm to 1000mm.
  6. Capable of 10 mbar vacuum in a clean empty work tube. -5
  7. High vacuum station consists turbo molecular pump/Rotary vane pump with related vacuum fittings.
  8. Mass flow gas control station consists multiple Mass ow controllers, Gas mixing system and related pipe fittings.
  9. Compact design for minimum space requirement.
  10. Rugged and durable Construction.
  11. Outer casing is made up thick mild steel with duly powder coated or thick buffed stainless steel, gives long service life with extremely resistant.
  12. Multilayer insulation with vacuum formed ceramic bre or refractory bricks with low thermal mass.
  13. Furnace design with powerful heating elements i.e. FeCrAl and SiC in all sides of the work tube providing fast heating rate
  14. Fast heat up and cool down rates.
  15. Temperature uniformity +/- 5°C.
  16. Temperature control with PID controllers.
  17. Power control with solid state relays or Thyristor units for very precise temperature Control, wear-free and noiseless.
  18. High mechanical durability, short heating cycle and low power consumption.

Optional Features

  1. Multi-zone temperature control
  2. Touchscreen temperature controller
  3. Over Temperature Limiter.
  4. Door flanges with hinges.
  5. Water cooled flanges with chiller.
  6. Digital/Analog flowmeters.
  7. Port for additional thermocouple on the flange.
  8. Process observation window on flange.
  9. Buzzer, Digital timer, Emergency shut down.
  10. Data Recorder.
  11. RS232/RS485/USB interface.
  12. Calibration of temperature measurement systems.
  13. Data Acquisition System (DAS) through software.
  14. UPS Systems.
  15. Customization as per user requirement.
  16. Caster wheels with brakes.

Models & Optional Features

Models Rating (kW)

Internal Dimensions

H × W × D (cm)

TI – 62 HTA 4.5 10 × 10 × 23 1 ph, N, 230V, 50Hz
TI – 62 HTB 5.1 15 × 15 × 30 3 ph, N, 440V, 50Hz
TI – 62 HTC 5.5 20 × 20 × 30 3 ph, N, 440V, 50Hz
TI – 62 HTD 10.7 22.5 × 22.5 × 45 3 ph, N, 440V, 50Hz


CVD Furnace is designed for R&D labs, Educational institutions, Medicine and Industry, Aerospace industry, Semiconductor industry, Chemical Industries, Biomedical Industry, Pharma Industry, glass Industry, Thermal Process Technology, Advanced Materials for following Chemical analysis, Graphene, Optical Fibre, Composition, Deposition, Diffusion, Coating, Degassing, Sintering, Catalyst research, Carbon nanotechnology process etc.

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