Laboratory Furnace 930°C

“TEMPO” make muffle furnace are designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of laboratory and industrial applications. It is used for engineering tests of soils and aggregates, cement testing, ashing organic and inorganic samples, gravimetric analysis, ignition tests, etc. “TEMPO” make a muffle furnace in a horizontal/rectangular model. Insulation is provided with high-grade insulation material.

  • Temperature range              –     930°C max
  • Supply                                     –    Single phase
laboratory Furnace 930°C
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Reach 930°C for high temperature applications in a short time. This laboratory furnace is designed to operate under high temperature with minimal maintenance and higher efficiency. The high temperature ceramic fibre insulation with an advanced graded design ensures fast heat-up time and resistance to the thermal shock. The natural cooling of the outer surface reduces exterior shell temperatures and improve energy efficiency and operator safety.

The thermocouples compensated lead wire and polarized plug for measures accurate high-temperature with a longer self-life. Removable panels for easy access to replaceable heating elements and thermocouples. The heating is achieved by silicon carbide element with easy mounting and assembly.

Technical Specification


The R type sensor is used for sensing the temperature.

Heating System

High quality elements are used for better and uniform heating.


Double shell air circulating chamber for ambient skin temperature is design with lightweight insulation boards.

Models & Optional Features

Models Rating (kW)

Internal Dimensions

H × W × D (cm)

TI – 58 A 1.6 23 × 10 × 10 230V, AC
TI – 58 B 3.3 30 × 15 × 15 230V, AC

Optional Features

  • Data logger
  • CFR 21 part 11 compliance software for data logger
  • Safety digital temperature controller
  • Timer
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