Hybridization Oven

“TEMPO” make hybridization oven are with the forced air circulation provided by means of the motorized blower on the backside of the oven for recirculation of air which ensures a homogenous hot air mixture and exact temperature control.

  • Temperature range              –     5°C above ambient to 100°C
  • Temperature accuracy         –    ±0.5°C
  • Temperature uniformity      –    ±1°C
  • Speed controller                   –     digital
  • Speed                                     –     50 rpm to 60 rpm
  • Supply                                    –     230V, AC
hybridization oven
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The hybridization oven is constructed with double walled and backside had triple wall in construction. The unit is insulated with high grade glass wool. The single door is fitted on the heavy hinges with inbuild silicon door gasket rotator. The racks are provided to hold the glass tubes which are various sizes and rotate at variable speed.

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