Le Chatelier Bath for Flask

“TEMPO” make Le chatelier bath

  • Temperature range              –     5°C to 60°C
  • Temperature accuracy        –    ±1°C
  • Set point                                –     27°C
  • Supply                                    –     230V, AC
le chaterlier bath for flask
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Double walled construction with inner SS argon welded one piece pot which avoids leakages.

Technical Specification


The 2″ thick PUF insulation ensures temperature stability and reduction in energy consumption.

Water Circulation

The circulator pump is provided for the better uniformity of temperature instead of the stirrer. The side mounted circulating pump with 18 litres/min capacity, single phase and 230V.

Heating System

The SS tubular heater is used at the bottom for better heat distribution.

Inlet and Outlet

The inlet and outlet valves are provided for water filling and water draining purpose.

Refrigeration System

The CFC free hermetically sealed Emerson Copeland compressor is used for better cooling with R 134 A eco friendly refrigerant with a time delay to safeguard the compressor.

Control System

The imported microprocessor based autotuned PID controller with CE mark and dual display set of value and process value.

Safety Features

  1. The compressor On delay timer (2 min) to safeguard the compressor.
  2. Inbuild overload protector is used with the hermetically sealed compressor.


  1. The fibre/PU wheel with front blockage for easy movement.
  2. The circulation pump is used to drain.

Models & Optional Features

Models Capacity (litres)

Internal Dimensions

L × W × H (cm)

Flask Capacity
TI – 671 A 27 30 × 30 × 30 4
TI – 671 B 36 40 × 30 × 30 6
TI – 671 C 48 40 × 40 × 30 9
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