DaVinci Laboratory Repetitive Dispensing Syringe

  • Automatic filling for each preset dose
  • Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes.
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Comfort

Recommended Applications

  1. Reagent distribution
  2. Hot Agar
  3. Sterile work
  4. Filling of well plates
  5. HPLC vial preparation
  6. Small batch injection vials

Sizes available

0.05ml to 10 ml

Better Suited for

  1. Distribution of sterile Hot Agar
  2. Distribution of cell culture media

DaVinci Self Refilling Syringe (Feed Tube Set) 70 Series

The DaVinci self refilling syringe line offers precision instruments you can rely upon. Intended for safe and reliable liquid distribution, the selection comes in a range of volumes. One-year warranty.

The DaVinci syringe is an excellent solution for the accurate delivery of repetitive fixed doses without any errors during use. This self refilling syringe is most effective when worked in the laboratory. The Comfortable Grip and ergonomic design ensure fatigue-free working during serial precision dosing. The fast and reliable volume selection ensures highly accurate dosing. The robust construction makes it easily autoclavable.

DaVinci Self Refilling Syringes
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Models Volume (ml)

Graduation (ml)

70-02-23-29 0.5 0.05 1 pc
70-04-23-29 1 0.05 1 pc
70-05-23-29 2 0.1 1 pc
70-08-23-29 5 0.25 1 pc

Calibration certificate provided with each syringe 

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DaVinci Vial Holder Set  71 Series

The DaVinci vial self refilling syringe is another liquid feeding model consists of a vial holder, integrated vented needle, locking ring and bottle lock, this ‘Vial Holder’ model is used to draw liquid out of the original liquid manufacturer’s vial. The vial holder body is at an optimal angle. The locking ring on the vial ensures the vial does not get disengaged from the vial holder body. The integrated vented needle ensure smooth operation of the dosing. The detachable slant vial holder body fits standard vials. The safety locking nut ensures reliable and highly accurate repetitive pre-fixed dose dispensing.

Davinci Vial Holder Set 71 Series

Models Volume (ml)

Graduation (ml)

71-02-23-30 0.5 0.05 1 pc
71-04-23-30 1 0.05 1 pc
71-05-23-30 2 0.1 1 pc
71-08-23-30 5 0.25 1 pc
Davinci Vial Holder Set 71 Series

DaVinci Vial Holder Set – 71 Series – Utility

The vial holder set – utility is another variation in the VHS series. It is fixed with a 50ml PP reservoir fits onto the 2-way valve to ensure dosage administration of the desired liquid irrespective of the liquid’s original container packing.

Davinci Spares

Models Volume (ml)

Graduation (ml)

75-02-00-50 0.5 0.05 1 pc
75-04-00-50 1 0.05 1 pc
75-05-00-50 2 0.1 1 pc
75-08-00-50 5 0.25 1 pc
glass barrel

Spare bag include Springs, Balls, Washer for Valve & Barrel

Models Volume (ml)


75-02-00-45 0.5 1pc
75-04-00-45 1 1pc
75-05-00-50 2 1pc
75-08-00-50 5 1pc

Feed Tube

Models Volume (ml)


75-45-00-46 0.5 – 5 1pc

Davinci Cannulas

Models Volume (ml)


73-38-44-35 0.5 – 5 1pc

Long Feed Cannulas

Models Volume (ml)


75-31-49-35 0.5 – 5 1pc

Davinci Viscous Spring

Models Volume (ml)


75-05-00-55 2 1pc
75-08-00-55 5 1pc

Davinci Protection Sleeve

Models Volume (ml)


75-02-00-51 0.5 1pc
75-04-00-51 1 1pc
75-05-00-51 2 1pc
75-08-00-51 5 1pc
Davinci Protection Sleeve
Parts in contact  with liquid Material
Feed Tubing Silicone
Glass Barrel Borosilicate Glass
Washer, Barrel FpM
Plunger Stainless Steel
Valve System Ni-Cr Brass
Washer, Valve PTFE
Spring and Ball Valve Stainless Steel
Sinker and feed cannula Ni-Cr Brass

Product Advantage

1) Simple and natural movements: The activation of the DaVinci Self Refilling Syringe is performed with limited effort for efficient work even during long dispensing series. This ensures complete user comfort.

2) Fast and reliable volume selection: Volume is set within seconds. It will not vary while activating the syringe, thanks to the safety locking nut on the micrometric screw. Dose-by-dose reproducibility is excellent

3) Plunger tightness without O ring: The smooth plunger travel and tightness are achieved through the high-precision stainless steel plunger and grounded glass barrel. No O-ring to mess with or replace ever.

4) High-quality construction: All components are made of superior quality raw material which is thoroughly checked by our qualified QC department prior to production. Each component is made from Superior Quality material including glass, plastics, metals etc. These are thoroughly checked during each stage of manufacturing for quality & specification.

5) Sterilization: Sterilization possible while fully assembled in boiling water or in an autoclave at 121C (250F).

6) Economical & Low replacement cost: Only the glass part will have to be changed instead of buying a new device. Truly an unbeatable Price to Quality Ratio Product.

7) Glass Protection: Interchangeable glass barrel is protected by a PVC sleeve (not autoclavable) to prevent breakage.

8) Low maintenance: The DaVinci Syringes are made of only 6 main parts, which are easy to disassemble & reassemble. Fast access to all elements allows rapid & efficient cleaning. Spare parts are available at a reasonable cost.


  1. Plunger Tightness without O-Ring- Hence no contamination when it comes in contact with drug/liquid.
  2. Glass Barrel and SS Plunger – Insert ensures long life
  3. Clear visibility of dose
  4. Fully autoclavable
  5. No need of servicing Silicone Oil – The same effortless movement is ensured every time.
  6. Liquid path 100% inert
  7. Long-lasting
  8. Light weight and easy to use
  9. Fast and reliable volume selection
  10. Packed individually in a convenient attractive box along with instruction material.

Viscosity Data

Variable Model mL Maximum Cinematic viscosity (CST) Example of liquid
0.3 1800 SAE 50 oil
0.5 2500 Fluid honey
1 1200 Silicon oil
2 400 ( up to 600) Glycerol
5 150 ( up to 600) SAE 20 oil
10 20 Cream
Test conditions to determine max. viscosity
Syringe with horizontal feed tubing

Syringe set at maximum volume

Aspiration time < 3 sec.

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