Walk in Lab Refrigerator

When your testing requires a walk in rooms choose “TEMPO” controlled temperatures solution. Our test rooms feature automated process control, energy efficiency and a vast range of other features and options. Every “TEMPO” environmental room features equipment that reliably produces required conditions, structural integrity that keeps the room working properly through years of demanding test cycles, and measuring/monitoring equipment that precisely records all test data.

  • Temperature range              –     2°C to 8°C
  • Temperature accuracy        –    ±0.5°C
  • Temperature uniformity    –     ±2°C
Walk in Lab Refrigerator
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Light weight sandwich panel. Double walled construction with backside triple wall. 3″ thick PUF insulation ensures stable temperature with a reduction in energy consumption. The motorized blower at the backside of the chamber for recirculation of air to develop a unique airflow system which ensures maximum uniform temperature condition inside the chamber. The unique airflow assures quick recovery after door openings.

Single-phase, TEFC, F class insulation 1440 rpm, 230V. HIgh-quality SS tubular heaters are used for better heating. Steam injection system and reservoir tank with water level arrangement with indicator.

Technical Specification

Control System

Microprocessor based PLC (up to 5000 readings) with 7″ touch screen colour HMI, which gives the direct display of process value and set the value of temperature and humidity inside the chamber. High speed ethernet based communication.

Refrigeration System

The refrigeration is provided by means of CFC free hermetically sealed Emerson Copland compressor for better cooling with eco-friendly refrigerant.  The cooling system is made up of split type so as one can place the compressor coupled with condenser unit in a well ventilated area to avoid hot air throw in the stability room. The inbuilt stand by refrigeration system is provided with auto change over the facility.


  1. Negligible maintenance – the sturdy design and long lasting finish ensures minimum maintenance for years.
  2. Minimal heat transfer – the tongue and groove edges of all panels are moulded to close tolerance ensuring a tight fit between panels. These prevent condensation from forming on the foam and minimize heat transfer.
  3. Quality accessories – hardware like hinges, handles etc. on panels from best indigenous suppliers.

Models & Optional Features

Models Capacity (litres)

Internal Dimensions

H × W × D (cm)

TI – 810 WIC 5400 200 × 136 × 200 24
TI – 811 WIC 6400 240 × 136 × 200 32
TI – 812 WIC 8000 200 × 200 × 200 24
TI – 813 WIC 9600 240 × 200 × 200 32
TI – 814 WIC 15000 240 × 250 × 250 48
TI – 815 WIC 18000 240 × 250 × 300 48

Optional Features

  • CFR 21 part 11 compliance software
  • Standby refrigeration and humidity system
  • Ethernet communication
  • Door access system
  • Data logger/scanner
  • Touch screen HMI
  • PLC-based control
  • Email alert
  • Mobile alert system
  • Safety alarms
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