“TEMPO” make cryo baths are designed for research work with the desired temperature with high accuracy. The temperature is controlled by means of microprocessor based PLD controller with an accuracy of 1°C. The unit is provided with a circulating pump to ensure uniform temperature.

“TEMPO” cryo bath offers a combination of contemporary cabinet design, advanced microcontroller and a range of accessories to suit your specific laboratory or process application. The baths are provided with high strength cabinet construction with stainless steel interior tanks withstand the most critical applications in demanding environments. The unit is mounted on castor wheels for ease of mobility.

  • Temperature range             –     5°C to 90°C
  • Temperature accuracy        –    ±1°C
  • Supply                                    –     230V, AC


Double walled construction with inner SS argon welded one-piece pot to avoid leakages. 2″ thick insulation ensures stable temperature with reducing energy consumption. CFC free hermetically sealed Emerson Copland make compressor for better cooling with R134 A (eco friendly) refrigerant with time delay to safeguard the compressor.


Safety alarm with temperature overshoot and undershoot. Compressor ON delay timer (2 min) to safeguard the compressor.

Models & Optional Features

ModelsCapacity (litres)

Internal Dimensions

H × W × D (cm)

TI – 6111430 × 30 × 15
TI – 6122045 × 30 × 15
TI – 6133044 × 38 × 18
TI – 6144045 × 30 × 30
TI – 6165045 × 35 × 60

Optional Features

  • Data logger
  • CFR 21 part 11 compliance software for data logger
  • Safety digital temperature controller
  • Timer
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