Shaker Water Bath

“TEMPO”  make reciprocating shaker water baths are designed and manufactured to comply requirements of industries. Shaker water baths are used for sample thawing, bacteriological examinations, warming reagents, coliform determinations, microbiological assays, hybridization applications, cell culture and aeration, increasing solubility rates, molecular assays and bacterial cultures.

  • Temperature range             –     20°C above ambient to 95°C
  • Temperature accuracy        –    ±0.5°C
  • Shaking speed                      –     40 to 120 RPM
  • Speed indicator                    –     digital
Shaker Water Bath
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These water baths are double wall constructed with suitable thick PUF insulation and horizontal shaking.

Models & Optional Features

Models Capacity (litres)
TI – 242 A 9 flasks of 100 ml
TI – 242 B 12 flasks of 250 ml
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